Lingonberry Games

I am a Swedish developer doing mostly location based games for Android during my spare time, for your pleasure and mine.

Location based games

A cottage with solar panels, a wind turbine and a mine.

Off Grid

Single player building game. Also works offline.

Earth in space, with some crystals floating around it.

Color Planet Resources

An online friendly multiplayer game. Collect and improve.

An ant head and some hives.


An online multiplayer game where you build and handle colonies and may attack other players.

A primitive house

Primitive Village

Build a village and make it expand. Single player off line building game with online comparison.

Colored hexagon pattern with markers


Online multiplayer team game. Compete for control of the areas of the playground.

Sand island with castles


Online medieval-ish build and battle on an island, located where you want it.

Other games

Hexagons with numbers


A small puzzle-game, placing groups of hexagons and merging the same numbers.


Some money

Pocket Money

Android app to keep track of your children's money, earned "screen-time" or whatever you like

Letters transforming into other letters


A php-based server tool I built to let the players help out translate the apps.

Contact & Social


Please join my discord server. I have channels for different games that you may join in there.




Some games also has facebook pages. You find links on the games pages above.

Help out


I want more players. Tell your friends about my games. Post links on forums etc.

Rate and write review

Please do write a game review on Google Play and rate them.


All my apps have user contributed translations. You can help out on your mobile device or your computer. See links in the game.


Report bugs and feature suggestions. Preferably on the Discord-server.


Buy things or supporter-status in the apps. There is a supporter or shop view in them.